Over the years we have been able to see and experience several models of conventional and functional nutritional wellness. We’ve seen certain clients thrive and others struggle in their healing journey. Those clients who have thrived had strong commitment, communication and consistency while those who struggled were often inconsistent and found themselves having to restart their journey over and over. This led us to truly value the importance of two key things: consistency and commitment.

Functional Nutritional Wellness, just like any other modality, only works when the relationship between the client and the provider truly seeks and fosters these key components.

From our in-depth research and  experience, the Functional Nutritional Wellness Membership Model proves to promote the best relationship to cultivate a supportive atmosphere for the body to heal itself. The dual commitment between a client and their Functional Nutritional Wellness Provider will promote continued motivation, education, communication and accountability along their health journey.

A membership with Completely Essential Nutrition  allows you to receive the highest quality of functional nutrition wellness at an affordable price.


Membership is a key foundation of Functional Nutrition Wellness care. It allows the provider to spend the appropriate amount of time and expertise to get to the root causes of your health concerns. Allowing you to get the ultimate return on your investment- your health back.

Clients get to spend more time with their providers.

Clients are able to see all of the included services that guarantee the standard of care and time that will be spent with them.

Clients receive high quality functional nutritional wellness care without having to worry or fight with their insurance company over reimbursements or access to care.

No surprise balances and zero copays.

The membership model allow clients to have built in accountability to better guarantee success in their health goals.

You will receive a personalized health plan based on your test results and lifestyle to help you get your health back in control.

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