Is Completely Essential Nutrition Right for You?

The apostle Paul famously said, " I have become all things to all people…” In an effort to not be a stumbling block for the gospel to go forth, Paul made it his mission to "become all things to all people.”  In the field of health and wellness, this could be a dangerous mission.  Completely Essential Nutrition in Trinity, Texas, will attempt to do what we do very well, even if it is not for everyone. We will focus on 3 main body systems: Neuroendocrine, Digestion, and Detox pathways.  Most health concerns can be traced back to problems in one or more of these areas in the body.  We will use functional lab testing to discover these areas and then facilitate the body’s natural healing capacities with nutritional, lifestyle, and supplement based protocols.  Follow-up lab testing will be used to confirm balanced hormones, no further gastrointestinal pathogens, and improved detox pathways as needed to end most programs.  Our goal is not for every patient to be on ten supplements for the rest of their lives.



Completely Essential Nutrition will not function as a primary care provider (PCP).  This is an area where we will not try to be all things to all people.  Every patient we see will need to have seen their PCP within the past year and had their basic labs done.  In some cases, it may also be requested that they return to their PCP and have additional labs/testing done before moving forward with any functional testing.  This will be case by case and under the discretion of the functional nutritional wellness practitioner.  A most recent copy of your labs will need to submitted prior to your initial consultation.  



Trying a supplement to fix a symptom may work some of the time.  However, our practitioners have been trained under a model that holds to the motto, “Test. Don’t guess.” This allows us to know exactly what type of supplements and lifestyle changes will be most effective at improving your overall health.  There is no perfect world and our bodies will all respond differently, but high quality functional lab testing gives you the best opportunity to address the root causes of your symptoms.  As mentioned above, 3 main tests will be recommended the majority of the time to address your stress response (adrenals), hormone balance, digestive health, and detox pathways.  This will be in the form of hair, blood, and stool.  Other testing may be recommended, but most people will not need to look much further than these 3 tests to provide ample healing opportunities.



One driving philosophy at Completely Essential Nutrition is the body’s amazing ability to heal itself if given the right signals.  Some of the most important signals are sleep, exercise, stress management and nutrition.  When these signals are poor or broken, chaos in the form of an inflammatory cascade in the body ensues.  In this country, significant progress on your health journey can occur if the food choices that are made changes.  This may seem overly simplistic, but we have seen a simple dietary makeover change everything in numerous people.  Because of this, we will have a heavy emphasis on food being one of your most potent medicines or slow poisons.  It is amazing that our bodies can survive on the amount of processed food-look-a-likes we give it, but that is only a credit to our Creator; not to our personal resilience.  On the other hand, it is also amazing how much healing can occur with nutrient dense real food diets.  



No one is a only a physical being.  Though many will disagree (and that is fine), we are all spiritual beings and our spirits will exist forever.  Our lives here on earth are temporary.  Though for some, it will be eternal.  If we were to only address the physical component of health, we would not be doing justice to anyone.  Though we will not attempt to be counselors, we will address the critically important nature of the spiritual.  Our Christian worldview will not allow us to do otherwise.  We will NEVER try to force anyone into our faith, but will happily discuss the doctrines of Christianity to anyone who has an ear to hear and we will pray with every patient that will allow us to.  Helping someone reach a place of “health” while leaving their soul without a place of refuge from the judgment of our Creator would be a travesty.  It is important, however, to note that the level of care a patient receives will not vary one bit according to their personal religious preference.



So here is the million dollar question: Are we a good fit for you?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Do you have a PCP already?  Do you have any nagging symptoms that haven’t been explained yet?  Fatigue, brain fog, hormone imbalances, weight issues, digestive issues?  If yes to any these, then we are confident we can help.  Most symptoms will not disappear over night, but what if you could possibly be free of them in six months or a year?  Would it be worth the investment in your health?  I hope so. We want each of you to spend the last two to three decades of your life chasing grandchildren or traveling the world, not lying in a nursing home.  Our cultural drift will end us up with most Americans there if something does not change now.  Let us help.  Contact our office here to see if this is what you are looking for.



This is a common question and rightfully so.  Summarized, we do not take insurance because we do not want insurance telling us what we can and cannot do for our clients. 

CEN as a business has been set up with the lowest possible overhead as to provide the most reasonable pricing, yet still make profit in order to stay in business.  Profit is not a bad thing when serving people is at the core.  Profit turns bad when profit becomes more important than people.  We will seek to keep our prices as low as possible in the years to come.  Some people do have a flex spending account of some sort that will allow them to use it on non-conventional treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic care, and supplements.  In this case, please check and see if you would be able to use your health savings account or flex spending account to cover some of your supplements.  We are here to serve you and will do all that we can to help.




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