Are you hydrating properly?

According to Dr. Dean, MD, ND, if we don’t have minerals in our cells, our cells dehydrate and don’t accept water. The water collects in extracellular tissue causing edema and fills up our blood vessels causing high blood pressure. The treatment is not to take diuretics and limit fluid intake; the treatment is to drink sea-salted water and to take magnesium and multiple minerals. The people who do this eliminate their edema and their high blood pressure. Their cells become hydrated and cellular processes become perfected and the organs work properly.

So how much sea salt?

Per one quart of water there should be 1/4 teaspoon sea salt (or Hymalayan salt). If this is too salty a taste, work your way up to this.

What about electrolytes?

I don't recommend drinking a sports drink to replenish them due to the sugar and other ingredients (that pretty color is a chemical added that your body doesn't recognize as food!) that are not the best for your body. Here at the CEN farm working outside in the heat is a daily happening. We use ReMyte to replenish our electrolytes. It works really well for us. Before we started using it, the ones that were outside most of the day working struggled to keep the electrolytes balanced with hydrating. Now, we don't have that problem and it's a lot less stressful around here!

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How much water should you be drinking?

Half your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds (150/2=75 ounces) you would drink 75 ounces. You should work your way up to that amount especially if you are not used to drinking that much water. Start by adding in a glass of water a day or by replacing an unhealthy drink with water.

What kind of water?

I would recommend filtered water. More specifically water that can be stored in glass or stainless steel reuseable water bottle. I love my Berkey! However, I would caution against straight tap water as so many chemicals are now used to "clean" the water. I would not suggest drinking distilled water as your body needs the various minerals that are taken out of it. Why don't I use water in plastic bottles from the store. First, that's a lot of plastic I would be throwing away. Second, that's a lot of extra toxins from the plastic leaching into the water which then I put into my body (No thanks!). Third, that's a lot of money I could spend on other things (I'm a sucker for baby animals or that's extra money I can use for organic produce to lessen the toxic load on my body).

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