Aromatherapy for Sleep

If you’re struggling with sleep, essential oils can help promote relaxation and encourage a night of sound sleep.

Lavender oil is the most frequently used essential oils for sleep, and numerous studies have shown the use of lavender oil at bedtime can help improve sleep quality. Simply add a few drops to a cotton ball and take several deep inhalations. Place the scented cotton ball near your pillow.

Cedarwood oil has also been found to produce a sedative effect. Try adding a few drops to a diffuser in your bedroom for tranquil sleep.

A few drops of bergamot oil can be applied and massaged into the temples for a calming effect. This will help induce sleep when feeling anxious or stressed.

Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, and Sandalwood are additional oils to try. You can even create your very own unique scent by mixing any of these oils for a stronger effect. Adding a few drops to a warm bath can be very calming after a stressful day.

I will caution you about sourcing the essential oils you use. The essential oils you see in the stores are only required to contain 3% of the actual oil to be able to claim they are pure. If you would like to know more about sourcing quality oils to use, please contact us!

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