Do This, Not That!

When it comes to a nighttime routine, there are just as many options as there are individuals reading this! Make it a priority to choose the right kinds of habits at night by understanding what to avoid:

Mistake #1 Not Taking Enough Time To Unwind There’s no magic switch to flip when you’re ready for bed. Winding down from your day is a process. The processes involved in sleep include brain wave activity, heart rate, breathing, body temperature, and more. None of which slow down instantaneously. This is why it’s crucial to create a nighttime routine to help signal to your body that it’s time to unwind.

Mistake #2 Bringing Electronics to Bed Not only do electronics emit harmful light that causes sleep disruption, but you also risk increasing your stress levels too. Scrolling through your Facebook feed or catching up on Tweets stimulates the brain. This is the opposite of what you want at bedtime.

Mistake #3 Thinking You Can Make Up Sleep On The Weekends I’m sorry to say, this is impossible. Your body you can’t store up sleep - lost sleep is lost forever. Think of it as missing a meal. If you miss lunch for three days, you’re not going to have three extra lunches on Saturday to make up for your deficits.

Mistake #4 Worrying About Sleep Too Much On nights you can’t seem to drift off, you’re likely to toss and turn thinking, ‘if I sleep now I can still get X amount of sleep.’ Unfortunately, stressing about sleep will inevitably lead to sleeplessness. If you’re not tired, or can’t get to sleep, get out of bed for a few minutes and try reading a book.

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