Do You Have a Bedtime Routine?

If you have trouble sleeping, creating a bedtime routine can help. Repeating the same quiet series of habits and steps at night can help calm an overactive mind and help your body recognize that it’s time to sleep.

What you do for your bedtime routine is up to you, but here are a few things to try:

Switch off all electronic devices an hour before sleep. The light emitted from electronics can interfere with your internal body clock, not to mention checking emails or scrolling social media can cause stress.

Try a relaxation activity. Meditation, breathing exercises, or reading can help calm the body and reduce an overactive brain. If you’re plagued with worry, try writing concerns and reminders for things to do tomorrow to get them off your mind.

Create a calming bedroom space. The body associates a lower temperature with a signal for sleeping, so adjust your room temperature a few degrees lower. Then, avoid overhead lights and opt for soft, yellow lamps and candles during nightfall instead.

Whatever you include in your bedtime routine, keep it relaxing and calming. Start your routine an hour before bed and try to stick to your bedtime even on weekends.

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