Don’t Stress!

When traveling, money can be a major cause of stress. Not to fret, you can have the vacation of your dreams on any budget!

Get inspiration from TEDx video by Tomislav Perko, a travel writer from Croatia: https://youtu.be/R7vmHGAshi8

Here are some stress-free travel tips to help you plan and enjoy your vacation while maintaining a healthy state of mind.

Pack Less Traveling with a lighter load allows more freedom and mobility. This can also help reduce your travel cost by not having to pay for checked baggage. Skip bulky items and pack only the essentials. You can even check with where you’re staying to find out about laundry services.

Plan Ahead Look for and research activities and potential costs before traveling. Try to avoid overplanning your trip to the point of having to rush from one activity to the next. If you’re big on schedules, schedule downtime throughout your trip to prevent stress.

Know Your Budget Write down your budget and factor in expected and unexpected costs. One of the best ways to stick to a budget is by using cash. Charge only what you need to and use cash for daily expenses.

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