Enhance Mental Wellbeing

So many people struggle with anxiety, depression, or some form of stress disorder. Mindfulness can help dissipate that stress!

The key is your breath. Once you master control over your breathing, you can control all other aspects of emotion. The act of breathing is something we don’t have to think about regularly. However, intentionally slowing down the breath will set off a chain reaction of events leading to relaxation.

When practicing breathing techniques, try to avoid slouching, which can create a barrier for your lungs. You want your lungs to expand to obtain more oxygen fully. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, and allow your lungs to receive the air into your torso pushing your stomach outward.

By practicing mindfulness every day, even just in the form of simply breathing, you can catch and correct any negative thoughts you may not be aware of. These thoughts can be toxic and encourage depression and feelings of not being good enough. As you learn to recognize such thoughts, you will be better equipped to simply let them pass rather than get wrapped up in the emotions of them.

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