Find Your Inner Goldilocks

Too soft, too hard, or just right?

When buying a new bed, I always think of Goldilocks and her search for just the right feel.

Unfortunately, there is no formula for deciding the size and firmness of your mattress. Ultimately it comes down to trying different beds and feeling what’s comfortable.

Let’s take a look at different mattress materials available.

Innerspring Coils Ideal for people who want strong support, durability, cooling, and bounce. It also provides excellent edge support.

Latex Ideal for people who want cooling, responsiveness, and bounce.

Memory Foam Ideal for people who want body shaping, contour, pressure relief, and support.

Hybrid Ideal for people who want the best all-around product with support, bounce, cooling, and pressure relief.

Adjustable Ideal for people with certain medical conditions like snoring, older sleepers, and people with lower back pain.

Pillow-Top Ideal for people who prefer more padding and softer feel.

Something else to keep in mind is also age - depending on your current mattress quality and material, most mattresses have a lifespan of 7 to 10 years.

Are you due for a new mattress?

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