It’s All About the Container

Meal prep requires organization and smart planning.

Preparation should include choosing the right containers to store your meals for the week. This may seem like a small step, but when Friday rolls around, and you are on your fifth pre-prepped meal, you are going to want a container that has kept your servings separate. Otherwise, you may end up eating something unappetizing.

Containers, whether they are metal, or glass, should have divided sections to keep your portions from touching one another. You will also want to choose something with a tightly fitted lid to ensure your meals stay fresh in the refrigerator throughout the week.

If you decide to use plastic containers, make sure you get BPA-free options. If you are unsure, check the bottom of your container, if there is a triangle on the bottom with the number seven inside, that container is not BPA-free.

It is also best to buy all the same type and size containers for easy storage to help with organization. Freezer stable and dishwasher safe containers are also good options if you plan to use either.

The only thing left to do is enjoy your quick, fresh meals!

“Success may require a lot of days. But progress only requires one.” -T. Jay Taylor

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