Know What to Order

Eating out when away from home is usually inevitable. Even if your staying with family or have a room with a kitchen, you should be prepared to eat a few meals out at restaurants.

Not to worry- here are tips to help you keep your healthy eating on track!

For starters, stick with water (with a lemon wedge!) for your beverage. Soda and sweetened teas increase a meal's calorie count quickly. Next, look through the menu for low-calorie options. Some menus will provide a calorie count or a section with healthier choices.

When these aren’t available, look for grilled or baked options. Avoid fried options and creamy soups and sauces. You can request a half size portion, or ask for a to-go box right away and separate half to take with you before you begin eating.

If you don’t see any suitable meal options, check out the sides. Most restaurants offer different vegetable-based side dishes. You can make an entire meal with just sides! If you’re opting for a salad, make it a full meal by adding chicken or seafood and go for lighter salad dressings such as a vinaigrette or Italian, instead of creamy dressings.

One more tip - share your food! Ask if anyone would like to split that order of fries, a slice of cake, or bacon cheeseburger, then balance it out with a side salad.

You’ve worked hard to maintain your healthy habits while at home. It’s ok to indulge a little, but try not to abandon your good habits entirely while on vacation.

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