Meditation for Pain

Have you ever considered meditation for pain management?

According to the National Institutes of Health, studies have found that the practice of mindful meditation is helpful for some people with painful joints.

How? Meditation ultimately reduces stress, which in turn lowers inflammation and thus swelling and pain. The process of reflection works by activating and reinforcing specific areas of the brain used in pain processing. Imaging studies show that mindfulness soothes brain patterns associated with pain. As changes take root, they alter the structure of the brain itself, reducing the intensity of pain.

Here is a guided meditation to help get you started: https://youtu.be/3RNXvq3oCHA

Some tips to help you get started: To start, don’t feel like you have to commit to a full 20 minutes. It may take time to work your way up. It’s okay if you can only sit for 2 or 5 minutes the first few times. The key is getting into the habit of sitting quietly, don’t get caught up in the how. To help keep the mind from wandering, count each breath. Count only to 10 then start over.

“With spiritual balance…you are able to deal with whatever life brings you and know you are okay. You are able to find meaning and purpose even in situations that are painful and not to your liking.”

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