Sleep Soundly

Your sleep environment may be the one thing that helps you quickly transition to rest or the thing that keeps you tossing and turning all night. It’s also a commonly overlooked factor!

There are a number of techniques for optimizing your sleep space for a more restful slumber.

Noise Control When we hear noise while sleeping, we may not fully wake, but we can be roused from a deep stage of sleep. Sleeping in a quiet environment is ideal. However, if you live in a noisy apartment complex, for example, there are things you can do to drown out some noise. Try using a white noise machine (or a fan), playing music at a low volume, or putting in earplugs.

Temperature Our bodies typically prefer a slightly cooler environment for sleep. You don’t want to drop the temperature so far that you wake up shivering, but you don’t want to wake up sweating either.

Lighting Our bodies respond best in a dark environment. Even if you work nights, you’ll want to avoid light while sleeping. Invest in light-blocking curtains or wear a sleep mask to block out external light.

When it comes to creating a good sleep environment, make sure to take into account noise, temperature, and light for a better night’s rest.

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