Here ta CEN we have a growing fascination and appreciation for the body's ability to heal and maintain homeostasis and health when treated well.  On the flip side, it is amazing to see how quickly it can deteriorate at times when starved of the things it needs.  It is like these laws were built in like the laws of gravity.  When violated, we reap consequences.

From the moment of conception, and in one sense even before we were conceived, we were known by our Creator God who formed our bodies inside our mother's womb.  We were created with one over-arching purpose: to bring glory to our Creator with our lives.  This glorious purpose was quickly shattered when our representative, Adam, disobeyed God.  God then cursed the earth and all mankind thereafter to be born under a curse of sin and death.  "The soul that sins shall die."  No longer are humans born into a right relationship with their Creator, but now we are born with hearts that are naturally at odds with anyone who commands obedience.  This is often called The Fall and now all men and women are not only destined to face a death of their mortal bodies, but also an eternal death of judgment by their Creator for serving self rather than The One who created all things. 

If the story ended here, there would be no hope.  But God, even in the curse of humanity in Genesis, showed His grace by promising that He would send a Savior to crush the power of Satan and restore all things to the way they were created - perfect.  Even the earth will one day be restored and we will be able to eat food from every plant and tree without fear of sickness or contamination.  This promised Savior was foretold throughout the Old Testament and glimpses of Him were seen in passages like Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22. 


A suffering Savior? 

God had pre-ordained before the creation of the world that He would do something unthinkable.  2000 years ago a man name Jesus shocked the world by claiming to be this promised Messiah.  Many followed Him, while many more mocked Him.  But the claim that shook the world came with this statement:



— JOHN 8:58-59

This man, who was born and lived in flesh and blood and made his living as a carpenter, claimed to be God.  The God-man who had come to redeem for Himself a people by becoming a payment for all those who would believe in Him.  The claim to be God in the flesh is what lead the fierce anger of the mob to have him killed.  Little did they know this was the plan all along before they were even formed in their mothers womb.  This didn't excuse them, but their anger and hatred was part of why the sin-bearer had to be God- only God can forgive sins and therefore God had to be the one to offer Himself in our place.  Jesus took on the wrath of God that we deserved when he was beaten, and mocked and crucified on a Roman cross over 2000 years ago.  This unbelievable Good News is still mocked by most today, but to a remnant it is the most beautiful story ever told and one day they will see their Redeemer part the skies and gather his elect from all corners of the earth.  The sad news is that when this Day arrives, there will be no second chances.  All who still have yet to bow their knees to their Creator and turn to the One who bled on a tree for them will spend an eternity suffering under the just punishment they deserve--eternal wrath and separation from the Love of God. 

Until He returns, we are called to steward every gift the best we can.  This includes our lives, finances, children, jobs, resources, influences and our bodies.  Though one day all of God's children will receive eternal bodies, our call is to take care of the ones we have now to the best of our ability.  One of the obvious things God has built into creation is a reaping and sowing principle.  This does not mean that we will never get sick or that our bodies will never wear out.  But it does mean that even unbelievers who work out hard will see results, and those who work out and eat well will have lower risks of dying from heart attacks and strokes and diabetes.  And one day, we will all stand before our Creator and give an account of how we have stewarded everything He has given us.  How will you steward the grace given to you that you have heard today?  Will you turn and trust in the One who died in the place of rebels?  Will you follow Him with all your heart?  Will you seek to steward the rest of the life that you have been given well?


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